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  • Miriam Spielman

Guidelines at TT from Next Week - Update 15

A gutte voch to everyone. It was beautiful to see so many men and women back at shul this shabbos.

Good news, as of July 1st there is set to be no upper limit to the number of people allowed to attend shul (subject to maintaining the 'one person per 4 square metre' rule).

Next Shabbos iy"H we look forward to welcoming all men and women over bar/bas mitzvah back to shul. At this point no children may attend yet.

We ask people to continue to be careful to maintain social distance and proper hygiene while at shul. 

On Shabbos morning we will be holding two minyonim: ❥ Minyan 1 - 10am for men and women. ❥ Minyan 2 - 10:30am for men (as no mechitza).

It is a requirement for us to keep a record of all our attendees. Therefore it is essential for every person who wishes to attend shul to complete a pre-registration form.

Please fill out the form here:

The form is open now and closes on WEDNESDAY 7pm.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


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