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  • Miriam Spielman

Update 16: Early Release Rosh Hashana Seats & Annual Shul Fees



Dear Tzemach Tzedek Members and Friends,

As we approach the Yomim Noraim, it is again that time of year to renew your Annual Shul Membership (if you are a member or wish to become a member) or pay your Annual Shul Fee (if you are a shul user but not a member).

This year, the impact of Covid has created a double challenge. On one hand, the Shul’s expenses, particularly for Tishrei have skyrocketed. This is b"H partly due to the large number of people who have answered our RHYK Survey indicating that they wish to attend Shul over Yomtov. Combined with the social distancing requirements needed to accommodate as many people as we can, we have arranged for 3 daytime Tefillah sessions on Rosh Hashana.

This means we have increased costs for three sets of daytime chazzonim and baalei koreh, three times the cleaning, extra expenses for a larger tent, etc. Therefore, we will only be able to assign RH seats to those who have paid their Membership/Shul Fee.

On the other hand, we are empathetic to the families who have been negatively financially impacted at this time. As such, we have decided to reduce the Annual Shul Membership/ Fee by 30% off last year’s pricing. For those who wish to contribute extra, you can add an extra amount in the donations option and it will be greatly appreciated.

If you require a family price or would like to work out a payment plan or require a further subsidised rate above the 30% reduced option, please contact Yehuda Spielman 0402 923 248 or Miriam Spielman 0401 512 927.

Pay your Annual Membership/Shul Fee and Book Your Seat in one transaction (complimentary seat included). Click here:

To comply with the very limited socially distanced space available, strictly no children under bar and bas mitzva may book. We apologise for this but we don't have another option at this time.

The session times for Rosh Hashana Daytime Tefillos are 7am in the Marquee, 9:30am inside the Shul and 10:30am in the Marquee. There will be additional sessions for Tekias Shofar for those who aren't attending these Minyonim and further details will be announced.

Please note we are not yet taking bookings for Yom Kippur seats as we are still sorting out the logistics. On Yom Kippur, being a full day davening, we are currently able to host 2 Minyonim and we are working to maximise our options. TT reserves the right to change the time and particulars of your Minyan if needed.

Annual Membership/Shul Fees are now open and are due by next Friday 11th September (unless a special arrangement has been made).

Because you have submitted your RHYK Survey, we have offered you the opportunity to secure your Yomtov seats two days before it is released to the general public. Due to the very limited seat availability, last minute bookings will not be possible. This TryBooking link will be released to the public this Friday 4th September, so we urge you to take advantage of the early release opportunity and secure your seat now:

Wishing you and your family a Kesiva Vachasima Tova!

Tzemach Tzedek Community Centre

Rabbi Yehuda Spielman – President

Miriam Spielman – Vice President

Eli Chaiton – Treasurer

Sreuvi Lazarus – Secretary

Mendy Amzalak – Board Member


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