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  • Miriam Spielman

TT UPDATE 9: No Shavuos Minyonim | Zoom Tonight: Shavuos @Home | Seder Niggunim Motzai YT

Dear Kehilla and Friends,

We regret to inform you that although we were all geared up and ready to hold minyonim over Shavuos, these minyonim have been cancelled. Unfortunately there will be no minyonim at Tzemach Tzedek this yomtov.

Please join us for a Zoom session with Rabbi Perlow tonight at 9pm - 9:40pm. He will discuss the halachos and minhagim of celebrating Shavuos at home as we won't be attending Shul. 

Meeting ID: 831 1714 0713 Password: 039035.

Iy"H there will be a Motzai Shabbos Seder Niggunim and Farbrengen on Zoom. Details to follow shortly! Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to register their interest in the minyonim. May we merit to be together at Shul very soon and the Ultimate Geulah!! Wishing everyone a gut yomtov ~ kabolas hatorah besimcha ubipenimiyus!!


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