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  • Miriam Spielman

TT Update 12: How to Attend a Weekday Minyan

A gutte voch to everyone. Following a beautiful davening at Shul this Shabbos morning b”H we are happy to announce that daily minyonim have returned to Tzemach Tzedek, Adass and Bet Yosef! (Subject to social distancing regulations and the continued control of Covid locally).

While no pre-registration is required, we are obligated to keep a record of everyone who visits the premises.

Therefore we have created a very quick and easy “on-the-spot“ registration form which you will need to click each time you come to Shul. This means every Shacharis and Mincha that you attend, every day. Until we are no longer required to do so.


1. Scan the QR Code on the Minyan Registration Sign posted on the doors outside Shul, using your phone‘s camera. This allows instant access to the Minyan Registration Form. Just open your camera, hold it over the code, as if you are about to take a photo of it (but don’t actually click to take a photo). A notification will pop up on your phone with a link, asking if you would like to open it. Click the link to answer 5 quick questions. Once you have submitted the form you may enter Shul.

2. Alternatively there is a web link you can use to access the same quick form.

❥ You can access it here: ❥ Or save the link to the notes app on your phone for future use. ❥ Or text the management of your Shul and (given enough notice) they can message you the link.

❥ Or manually enter the link, which will be posted on the Minyan Registration Sign on the door outside Shul.

3. If you are experiencing technical issues please notify the Shul management of your arrival and they will log your details manually into the database. However this is the least preferred method.

The Minyan Registration Form may be filled in at time of entry or earlier (but no earlier than the night before please).

There is a separate Shabbos form which may be submitted any time during the week prior to Thursday 7pm.

Seating is restricted to one table per individual or family. Shacharis this Sunday and Monday is 8am. Tuesday to Friday is 7:30am. Mincha this week is 4:43pm, followed by Maariv at 5:20pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there. TT Is The Place 2B!


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