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Update 2: TT Activities and the Coronavirus  

Next Update: Wednesday  18th March 2020  The Tzemach Tzedek Board and Management met together with our Rov, Rabbi Perlow today to discuss how the coronavirus is affecting the larger community and to plan ahead for the immediate future of our activities at Tzemach Tzedek.  We are all aware of the rapid spread of the coronavirus in many of our kehillos across the world. Tragically they are suffering an epidemic and we are davening for a refuah shelaima for the many people who are seriously ill and for those who are now fighting for their lives.  In order to slow down the coronavirus from spreading within our community ch”v it is essential that we all practise thorough hygiene and social distancing. Without exceptions.  In the vein of hatzolas nefoshos - saving lives, it is with a very, very heavy heart that we announce that the Tzemach Tzedek Shul will not be holding any activities on its premises until further notice from the Sydney Beis Din. This includes davening and learning programs.  Many of our dear Shul members might have their talleisim, tefillin, siddurim etc kept at Shul. We understand that you will need to retrieve these for use at home. We ask that you please enter the Shul one person at a time to take your items (please remember to use hand sanitiser before entering).  We realise that this turn of events is upsetting and will be distressing for many, especially to our regular minyan goers. We are here with you, we are in this together and we fully support you. The next update will iy’h include resources, activities and support services for our community.   It has been advised by several Rabbonim that those who have returned from time in the Melbourne Jewish community may have a halachic obligation to self isolate for at least a week to avoid accidentally transmitting the coronavirus to others. If you know someone/ family who is self isolating please reach out to them to chat on the phone, to help with shopping or anything else that might make their lives easier.  We would like to convey a message to our community. Although the Shul location has closed, the Shul community be’H always remains “open”. We aren’t stopping our activities, we are merely doing them differently.  As mentioned previously, please keep an eye out for Update 3 which will follow shortly. If you have any questions until then, please feel welcome to contact Rabbi Perlow for halachic questions or any of us on the Board and Management. 


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